The 2020 CVCAS Board of Directors

In Photo

Steve Hughes, Peggy Grigor, Tom Farnsworth, Bev Knight
Chrissy Kemppi, Craig Harris, Joan Roberts, Kathy Wachs

Not In Photo

Valery Bob, Mark Kiemele, Connie Crocker, Craig Spence

Mailing Address

PO Box 196
Chemainus, BC  V0R 1K0

Contact Information

Chair / Beverly Knight

Long time resident of Chemainus and a promoter of all things arts. My focus is music but not limited to that. We have a fantastic team on the board who are “all in” to enhance our little town with arts and culture. Looking forward to moving forward after our isolation.

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Past Chair / Peggy Grigor

Peggy, Past Chair, has been on the Board of CVCAS for six years. As a full time potter, owner of Turning Point Arts studio and gallery in Saltair and former owner of the Pottery Store in Chemainus, Peggy has a deep knowledge and understanding of the arts scene in our area. In 2016 Peggy established Rainforest Arts Gallery, which she continues to manage, and has headed the drive to establish an Arts Centre in Chemainus for the past four years.

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Joan Roberts
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Chrissy Kempi
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Craig Harris
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Valerie Bob
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Tom Farnsworth
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Mark Kiemele
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Kathy Wachs
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Craig Spence
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Connie Crocker
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Steve Hughs
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