Volunteer at CVCAS!

CVCAS is run 100% by the generosity of our volunteers. We have no paid positions. Our volunteers are defined by their passion and vision for arts and culture in the Chemainus Valley. If you are looking for a positive, dynamic and fun group of people to volunteer your time with, look no further!

As a volunteer, you are entitled to all the benefits of a full member of CVCAS at less than half the price.

Here are some of the ways you can participate:

Help organize and put on our many events and performances.

Learn new skills in such things as event planning, marketing and leadership, to name just a few.

Serve on a committee or board to steer us in positive and productive directions.

Share your expertise to guide us in business, commerce, education and fundraising for the society.

Annual volunteer appreciation party – worth the price all by itself!

For further information please contact:

[email protected]



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